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Own Your Mindset,
Not Just Your Business

Your Mindset Matters

It’s frustrating! You feel like you should have this figured out by now, but you keep repeating the same cycles again and again.

You’re not alone. For the entrepreneur, the struggles of life and business are intertwined. It’s challenging to maintain the mindset you need to be successful with so much at stake.

Online Counseling is how busy professionals get the support they need when it matters most.

headshot of Jeremy

Jeremy Honsowetz, MA, LMHC
Vancouver, Washington

A Therapist That

Does more than Talk

As a Combat Veteran with two tours in Iraq, I know It’s not always easy to ask for help when people are depending on you.

My years of experience and extensive training as a licensed Mental Health Counselor in Washington State, coupled with a degree in Theology and certifications in a range of treatment methods, allow me to help you manage your mind for success despite the immense challenges in today’s world.

Mindwork for Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneur life is not for the faint of heart, but you don’t need to struggle in silence. You’re successful in so many areas, but you deserve to be happy, not just successful.

  • Initial Assessment
  • $ 200 monthly
    • Collaborative Assessment and Needs Analysis
    • Initial Goal & Scope Setting
    • Personalized Treatment Plan
    • *If you engage in continued services the initial assessment fee will be applied to your first month!
  • 400 $ Preferred Plan monthly
    • Up to weekly 30-minute sessions
    • Unlimited secure messaging support
    • Ongoing Progress & Outcomes Assessment
    • Discounted 'Deep Dive' Sessions just $100
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  • 300 $ Select Plan monthly
    • 45 Minute Sessions twice a month
    • Unlimited secure messaging support
    • ‘Deep Dive’ Sessions just $150
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  • 200 $ Basic Plan monthly
    • 30 Minute Sessions twice a month
    • ‘Deep Dive’ Sessions just $150
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Is it burnout or fatigue? Hard to tell until it’s too late!

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When You Work With Us

Mastering our mindset as entrepreneurs opens endless possibilities for our lives and businesses.

We're excited to have been connected with him recently. In a world that is suffering with so many mental disorders, unhealthy brains, and many levels of depression, his work and heartfelt compassion are so very needed!

Caitlin Marie Wilson Co-Owner: In Light Hyperbarics

Frequently Asked Questions

If your insurance covers services and I am a provider in network, then you can use your insurance. However, to alleviate any unexpected client responsibilities and create an atmosphere of accountability in both services provided and client investment, I prefer clients pay in full for services directly.

The length of sessions is determined by a variety of factors including treatment goals and desired frequency of sessions.  Sessions typically last for about 30 or 45 minutes.

All work is conducted remotely.  Working remotely allows for services to be provided throughout Washington State.  In addition, remote services offer convenience and save my busy clients time by eliminating the need to commute.

I specialize in people.  My background is in clinical psychology running my own successful private practice.  As such, I have an interest in working with small business owners who often find themselves taking on a variety of roles within their business.

A ‘Deep Dive’ session offers the opportunity to meet whenever a client feels stuck, frustrated with progress, overwhelmed, or just needs more support. These sessions can last from about 30 minutes to an hour.

The frequency of meetings is dependent upon a variety of factors including client need, availability, and length of sessions.  Typically, sessions are held either weekly or twice a month.  With some service plans, additional “deep dive” sessions are available.

I not only offer the ability to message securely between sessions, but I encourage it.  Messaging between sessions enables additional support and accountability which can increase compliance and outcomes.

In addition to basic counseling skills such as active listening and empathy, I draw from a variety of treatment approaches.  I hold several certifications, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).  I have the tools needed for both change and acceptance, and the ability to teach these skills to others.

The important ones: Challenges that are often overlooked, neglected, or put off until it’s just too painful.  My experience, education, and training places me in a position to evaluate and assess for mental health and substance concerns.  These challenges too often impede entrepreneurs and business owners in achieving and maintaining success both professionally and personally.

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